SochaPhoneMoqupv2 9-1-2017What is SochaBlue?
SochaBlue is an app that combines cognitive neuroscience and machine learning to optimise the economic and life outcomes of people at risk of mental health issues and suicide.
SochaBlue uses machine learning to analyse responses to customised questions. This enhances an individual’s development and delivers better life outcomes.
SochaBlue is a collaborative venture between BDI Health and Socos Learning.


How SochaBlue works


What SochaBlue does not do
It does not treat mental illness or replace traditional medicine.

What powers SochaBlue?
SochaBlue is powered by an AI engine developed for the Socos MuseBot and is currently being used to improve learning outcomes in children.

How will SochaBlue help the user
SochaBlue has two main avenues to deliver benefit – Smart City/Community (community prosperity) and Smart Workforce (HR).

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