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BDI Health...because the ones who are crazy enough to want to change the world are the ones who create the next generation of cognitive software - connecting the dots looking forward.


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The health, social and economic sectors pose a complex paradigm.  When a business creates cognitive software to solve a social issue profitably, the approach is more sustainable - it will make greater impact for the health sector, the business and society in general.  This is not just about making the health sector more resource efficient.  It’s about getting all sides; government, NGO and business to understand that this is about new markets, new business opportunities, and new business models.


The Directors


Dr David Noble MBBS FANZCA, Managing Director
David is a Director of Medical Services at a private hospital, clinician, entrepreneur and Community Ambassador for RU OK?


Dr Vivienne Ming PhD, Director of Research and Scientific Discovery
Vivienne is a theoretical neuroscientist, technologist and entrepreneur. She was nominated in the ‘Top 10 Women to Watch in Tech’ in 2013 by Inc. Magazine. Vivienne is also the co-founder of Socos, a cutting edge startup that combines cognitive neuroscience and machine learning to optimise education and is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Redwood Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience pursuing her research in neuroprosthetics.


Ingrid Ozols, Director of Consumer Affairs
Ingrid is the Managing Director of MH@WORK and Finalist 2016 Human Rights Medal, Australian Human Rights Commission.


Other team members

Nick Jones, Project manager
Nick is a public health project manager.
He has 20 years’ success driving service delivery, integration management and stakeholder engagement.





SochaPhoneMoqupv2 9-1-2017What is SochaBlue?
SochaBlue is an app that combines cognitive neuroscience and machine learning to optimise the economic and life outcomes of people at risk of mental health issues and suicide.
SochaBlue uses machine learning to analyse responses to customised questions. This enhances an individual’s development and delivers better life outcomes.
SochaBlue is a collaborative venture between BDI Health and Socos Learning.


How SochaBlue works


What SochaBlue does not do
It does not treat mental illness or replace traditional medicine.

What powers SochaBlue?
SochaBlue is powered by an AI engine developed for the Socos MuseBot and is currently being used to improve learning outcomes in children.

How will SochaBlue help the user
SochaBlue has two main avenues to deliver benefit – Smart City/Community (community prosperity) and Smart Workforce (HR).



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